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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Fat Girls - DVD

Saturday evenings I go to my youngest sister's to pick up her laundry--otherwise it would cost her $50 a month that she doesn't have.  I've been doing this for a few months now and what's been a lot of fun is that we will watch a movie together.  We're making inroads into my James Bond collection--poor girl had never watched anything 007!  *gasp* Cripes, I've been watching the movies for as long as I can remember... although probably not when they first started coming out... I'da been only around 3 or 4. And we've gone through some of her Star Trek movies... although she says that there are eleven... hmm, I only know about the original five or six.  But that's okay, I'm a mild trekkie too.

ANYway... lately I've been taking some of my gay movies to her place as well and wow... my sister thinks just like me! Scary thought actually since everyone in the residence already thinks we're twins, even though I'm 5 years older.  But anyways, it's another link between us and it's one that I'm enjoying immensely.

So this past Saturday--hmm, guess that was last night--we watched Fat Girls.  I'd seen a preview for it and it looked really good, as well as being different.  I'm not only a book slut, but I'm pretty whore-ish for movies and CDs as well.  Yeah yeah....

And once again, back to the point.... *sigh*
So, for anyone that's not heard anything about this movie, let me fill you in:

Blurb [from back cover]:  In a small Texas town, Broadway geek Rodney and plus-sized Sabrina have loads in common. They dig who they are. They don't care what other high-schoolers think. And they're both hunting for the perfect guy. But when they find their hunky dream dates, will they have the courage to strut their forbidden love at the Graduation Dance?

This hilarious, heartrending journey of self-discovery in small-town America is a testament to growing up very gay, very big or just very different.

I must say that I enjoyed it; it's definitely not a high budget film, but it has loads of character--as well as characters--it's fresh, funny and it has a message that even I, long past the age of high school angst, found to be worthy of repeating, but not here.  No way am I going to ruin the ending... or even the middle.
Ash Christian--actor, director and writer--did a marvelous job and his cast-mates were wonderful as well.

If you're into quirky, feel-good and very enjoyable movies, then I have a recommendation for you.  :-D

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