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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A timely blog... but then any time can be the right time.

I got an email the other day and yikes! I lost it for a few days, but I found it again and, having just started going through the various blogs listed in the article thought wow!  This is definitely an article that I think of interest; Just going through the first blog had me all over the map emotionally... and rightly so.

Coming out, says the straight married mother of four adult children, has got to be, in many cases, utterly devastating.  And honestly, it's not for nothing that homeless teens and teen suicides can very often be directly linked to homosexuality and the reactions of family, friends and other important people in a young adult / teen's life. 
This is not taken from any studies, it's completely apocrophyal... but I've read enough to know that the 'coming out' experience can be brutal; and for teens who, at probably THE most difficult time in their life emotionally, mentally and physically just by virtue of being a teen, face rejection and the like... frankly the devastation just about kills me.  It certainly has me wanting to seriously kick some ass! 
*whew* Okay, deep breaths. 

Now that I've calmed down - and gotten off the side track - let's move onto the point of this post.  Really, it's not about me talking... well, okay I guess some of it is. It's called venting and it's something that... crap....

Anyway; the article is called 50 Brave Blog Posts About Coming Out (  and honestly these are some very telling blog posts and definitely worth the time. So give them a look and see what you think.


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