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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

S.J. Frost - Keys to Love (#3 in Conquest series)

I've been following S.J. Frost's Conquest series from the very beginning with the introduction of Jesse Alexander and his band Conquest.  When Jesse met Evan Arden it was the beginning of a whole new life for both of them. *sigh*
A wonderfully sexy and erotic romance, Conquest conquered my heart; actually it was Jesse and Evan that conquered my heart, but as the story was the vehicle then... yeah, there I go again. *eyeroll* 

In the second book of the series, No Fear, we get more of Jesse and Evan's story now that they're a couple and out... but we're also privileged to continue to get to know the other members of the band, primarily Julian Forrester and Kenny Cooper, as well as Jesse's older brother Brandon.  And there is any amount of potential for romance and in No Fear we are treated to a sensually rich and compelling story.  These guys sure do grab at the heartstrings.

So you can imagine my excitement as the release date for Keys to Love got closer and closer.  And all along the way we were teased and tantalised with excerpts and little bits of the story.  Talk about making you sweat!  But it was all worth it. 
Needless to say when I got my copy I sat down and read until I couldn't read any longer then started it again this morning.  No WAY was I going to wait any longer. 

In the first two books, Julian was a likeable character but not someone that we knew very well and, for me, he was rather eclipsed by Jesse especially.  Let me say now, with no hesitation, that that is no longer the case! Julian is now another member of Conquest who's taken place in my heart and I'm intrigued at the way S.J. Frost was able to bring forth the light that had been hidden throughout the first two books and, at the same time, I know it's just because Julian wasn't ready yet.  Of course, Julian needed a reason and Morgan Chandler was definitely what Julian needed to make a move. 

Let me just say that Keys to Love is a beautiful and very satisfying continuation of the series and that both Julian and Morgan came to life before my eyes.  And once more my appreciation for the talent of S.J. Frost and all the others who are connected with the book is unbounded.  This is, in my humble opinion, a female's M/M romance story, insofar as the emotional connection and communication between the characters is concerned, but I think that for anyone that has the heart of a romantic, Keys to Love is a wonderful and very enjoyable read.  And I'm eagerly awaiting the next story that will come to us from S.J. Frost whether it be these wonderful rocker boys or someone else's turn... just don't keep us waiting in suspense too long... PLEASE???

* * * * * *
S.J. Frost; Keys to Love (#3 in Conquest series), MLR Press; July 19, 2010

For two years, Julian Forrester's been playing keyboards and piano for Conquest. Having left behind a classical career, he's reached a level of fame like he's never dreamed. But fame and fortune can't bring him the one thing he wants most; love.

Morgan Chandler spent years teaching students to love music until budget cuts forced him out of a job. With family debts rising, Morgan accepts a job as a roadie for Conquest. He thinks he'll hate it with one exception -- he'll be close to Julian.

Can the two find the right music together that will lead them to the Keys to Love?



  1. Michelle HerlihyFriday, July 30, 2010

    I didn't know you had a blog, Kath! (I saw this post on FB.) Nice review, lady! Those Conquest boys are very swoon worthy, aren't they? : )

  2. Hey Michelle! Nice to see you here... yeah I hide out here once in a while. But lately I've been busy elsewhere.
    And Thank you!

    Those Conquest guys can come knocking on my door any time, day or night... they'll ALWAYS have a place here. *grin*