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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Dante's Cove -- Guilty pleasure indeed!!

Oh hell, I bought Dante's Cove, seasons 1 through 3, because between the various trailers and clips that I've seen around the 'net and bits and pieces I've heard about the series I just knew that I'd like it. 
I mean, what's not to like about a series that combines magic; evil vs good; innocence; sexy, sexy guys--and yeah the girls are not bad either--and, among all the steamy sex scenes there's even romance!  What is NOT to like? 
IMHO nothing, nothing at all!

Okay yes it's over the top and is often campy... did I mention that sometimes I have a quite devolved sense of humour? Mmmm... okay that's part of it. While Dante's Cove may be seen as more camp than real story, it's still a fun way to spend some time; at least for me it is. 

I ordered the series and got it earlier this week.  I watched the first couple of episodes but didn't have enough time to just immerse myself in the experience.  Until this weekend. *grin*

Last night I started watching at about 9:00 pm and, at 11:07 Saturday morning, I still haven't been to sleep. Let me tell you that for me, that's unheard of!  But I've watched all three seasons and really? I'm ready to watch it again... although this time I'm more inclined to savour the experience.  Oh am I ever....

My favourite character throughout the series? Toby played by Canadian actor Charlie David... may I just say OMG, he's so freakin' cute!!! But the entire cast was fantastic.  The changes in characters over the seasons was really quite well done; I certainly had no problem with any of it... although I did miss Nadine Heimann--Van--in season three.  Oh well....

But even so, I really enjoyed the entire series; of course there was a bit of a cliffhanger at the very end of season 3 and dammit I really want to see it resolved.  But, as the fourth season was supposed to start filming last year, sometime in the fall of 2009, and so far nothing's happened I guess I'm just going to have to wait in limbo. 
But damn it I really want to know what happens to... oh, right no spoilers.

Well crap.  If you want to find out just what the cliffhanger is, then I suggest that you do yourself a favour and indulge in a marvelous and sexy guilty pleasure--Dante's Cove!

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