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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bryl Tyne - Lost (The Zagzagel Diaires #4)

With each one of Bryl Tyne's entries in the Zagzagel Diaries I'm sure that each one is my favourite, or that *this* one is the best.  I can't help it; Bryl writes with so much heart, so much... magic!... that I just, each and every time am sure that the latest is the best. 
 Well, I think this time I'm right.  Even now my eyes are welling up with tears--sad tears but also happy. This fourth book--Lost--in Bryl's series about the angel Zagzagel and his charges... and his disobedience of Papa's orders, left me feeling blessed.  It may seem an odd word choice, but it's the way that I feel. 
I really don't know how Bryl manages, time and again, to come up with these jewels, but each and every time the story glows with a beauty and a uniqueness all their own. 
And I know I've said this before and I will say it again, Bryl Tyne is one of my very favourite authors and you don't have to go any further than Lost or any of the three previous Zagzagel Diaries stories--Forsaken, Denial or Desperate--to discover just why I hold this author in such high esteem. 

Not too often that I get so emotionally involved with the stories I read... it may appear that it happens often, but between the fact that I read a lot and that there are very few stories that I would give a 10 out of 5 (and I'm not confused...confusing yes, but confused, nope).... the number of stories that I feel this strongly about is quite rare.  But so far, all four stories in the Zagzagel Diaries easily reach this peak.

And to be honest, I'm almost afraid of what is going to happen in books #5 and 6... but whatever it is, it will be stunning and once again, I will be buying the book as soon as I notice that it's been released.

Book Info:
Bryl R. Tyne; Lost: Zagzagel Diaries #4; Untreed Reads; August 2010

The angel Zagzagel finds himself under direct orders from Big Papa himself to do his job and not interfere with fate’s outcome for his charge Charley. Charley’s had her own share of issues and loss in her life, and Zag’s pretty sure she deserves a break this time. Unable to follow the orders from Above, Zagzagel begins to realize that he may not be able to fulfill his duties much longer. Can he help Charley find closure and peace in his own way, or is it time to give up his wings? This is Diary Entry #4 of 6.The End Is Near



  1. Thank you, Kathy, and thank you for the wonderful review. I'm sincerely touched by your acceptance and praise for my stories.


  2. It's my continued pleasure Bryl; you just keep writing such awesome stories.