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Friday, June 04, 2010

Patric Michael - Conway's Curse

Patric Michael is another of my favourite authors; the man can write like nobody's business and, at some point in his stories, he usually has me in tears... but they're ALWAYS the good kind!

However, in his latest release - Conway's Curse - there's not a tear to be found.  Did I miss them? Nope... 'cause I was, for the most part, laughing too much. 

Regardless of the story that Patric writes, one thing is always constant - he can get us so completely and totally involved with what is happening on the pages that we, okay I, often forget about anything else.  And for someone for whom books have been a salvation over the many, many years I've been reading, that is still a marvel.  It also goes a long way to explain why he's a favourite.

And the cover for Conway's Curse is wonderful and very, very well suited to the story.  Just looking at Tion and Kail -- Tion in the towel and Kail in the leaves -- is enough to make me want to jump back into the story.  But actually I've already read it enough that I can recall just about everything that happens... the next best thing to reading it.

Book info:
Patric Michael; Conway's Curse; Dreamspinner Press; June 2010

It's while walking along a quiet road that Tion and Kail unexpectedly collide with Conway, a misguided man on a quest to resolve a potentially terrible truth: he's cursed with bad luck—bad luck that transfers to Tion and Kail in a most unexpected and inconvenient way!

Now they must aid Conway on his quest. Along the way, they'll meet duped villagers, a frighteningly ravenous "woof," and their only hope for salvation: a reluctant warrior wizard named Wylde who may be able to bring the trio, and himself, to an extraordinary happy ending.

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  1. Aw, Kathy!

    Thank you for reading, and reviewing, Conway's Curse. I'm especially pleased to know you laughed. Considering how often we've seen an author do a 180 degree turn around with her work and not be successful, for me to try and make someone laugh was a wee bit of a risk.

    I'm glad to know it paid off!

    Thank you again, Kathy!


  2. It paid off wonderfully Patric... but then I had no doubts. Your one of those that can cover a wide range and still do a fantastic job. :-D

  3. Great review Kathy and so perfect. I loved Tion, Kail and Conway - they sure brightened up my day.

  4. Teresa, they really do that don't they.