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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Moira McCain - Wishes

This is Moira McCain's first story and I jumped on it as soon as I knew it was available; I then sat and read it immediately... it was wonderful!  I laughed, I raged - and wanted to kick Sid's a$$ for him - and then smiled... perfect!

Part of Dreamspinner Press' Summer Daily Dose titled Midsummer's Nightmare: Things That Go Bump in the Night, Wishes is a romance with lots of misunderstanding, hardheadedness and two wonderful men both looking for love and never, ever expecting to find it.  Being wolf shifters there had never been a male-male mating... but love will always find a way.  And really, although Wishes is anything but a nightmare there are definitely things going bump in the night. Enter Kitty.

Kitty is soooo much fun.  I loved her interactions with the guys, but especially with Sid.  At least Teigan is a little more amenable to dreams coming true and the impossible becoming possible.  And for a short story Moira sure manages to inform us as to the background without overdoing anything.  So, yes I'm very happy to read this first story and I'm very much looking forward to many, many more!  Congratulations Moira... you Rock!

Book info:
Moira McCain; Wishes; Dreamspinner Press; June 2010

On the night of the werewolf mating holiday, Peraphay, Teigan arrives to escort Sid to his unwanted bride. Teigan and Sid are both gay, and they believe what their pack insists on: they will never have mates, much less each other. But the fates step in, and a small spirit in the form of a cat shows up to convince them that wishes can come true.

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BTW, the cover is another of Paul Richmond's and I love it... his covers are fun, a little bit naughty and always a visual treat... so YAY!


  1. Looking forward to many of these - is this today's story? The one drawback of buying the whole pack is having to wait!

  2. Hey Chris, Oh I have no idea! I just went and bought the ones that I wanted. :-D

    I should have bought it long ago, but I was trying to practice restraint... uh huh.
    But I know what you mean... waiting is not high on my list of virtues.

  3. Oh I loved Kitty, hope we see more of her. This was a great story to read even if I wanted to smack Sid at first.

  4. *laugh* I know exactly what you mean Teresa! And Kitty would be such a fun character to see over and over again...

    Hmmm, Moira?

  5. Oh my gosh! Kath, thank you...thank you for such a wonderful review. I'm so glad that people liked Teigan and Sid...oh and of course...Kitty! Yes, Kitty will be back. Already have a couple in mind that need her...ahem, special

    You made me smile so big today, reading this:)