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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jo Ramsey - Connection ... Excellent, excellent story!

I've had Connection by YA author Jo Ramsey sitting in my TBR for far too long, but I finally was reminded that I had it and made a point of reading it. That was on the 7th and I'm still thinking "Holy hell... I want the next book NOW!" From the very beginning I was enthralled and yes, that's the perfect word to describe my experience. And, now that I've finished, I've actually just bought the print version as well.
This is one of those books that I want to have in any and all forms available. And I heard from Jo Ramsey that the next book will be out this fall with a third slated for March 2011. I can hardly wait!!
But yeah, I'm going to have to. *grin*

Shanna is a fourteen year old girl whose life has been anything but pleasant; she's a loner, has extremely low self-esteem and is dreading the beginning of high school (although here, high school starts in grade 10, for Shanna it's grade 9. An extremely difficult time of life in any case.) My heart goes out to her in so many ways - as a mom I just want to take her in my arms and tell her that while life may suck rocks at times, this is not a permanent condition. Unfortunately she's not getting that at home.

But a funny thing happens at her new school. She's still a loner, but she's also always been an observer and what she sees is far more than most people. And she has more people in her corner than she can comprehend.

If you like stories where the characters learn and grow; where there's more than what the eyes see and there really can be things that go bump in the night; if you enjoy stories about friendship and adventure or even if you're just a fan of YA Urban Fantasy, then I have a recommendation for you!
Run, don't walk to Pink Petal Books and buy yourself a copy of Jo Ramsey's Connection.

Book Info:

Jo Ramsey; Connection (Reality Shift, Book One); Jupiter Gardens Press; January 2010

At the start of high school, Shanna Bailey doesn’t imagine her life will change. She’s always been the one everyone else puts down, even her own mother. Shanna is positive high school will be no better. But when she meets Jonah Leighton, everything changes. Though most other kids make fun of and even fear Jonah, Shanna finds him to be kind and thoughtful, and he amazes her with the things he knows. Even more amazing, he wants to teach her what he’s learned, and he wants to be her friend.

When Kaylie Sturbridge, one of the popular crowd, starts acting strangely, flipping out in school and shouting about a dark thing following her, her friends shun her. Only Jonah seems to know what’s going on, and he persuades Shanna to work with him to help Kaylie. But can the two of them rid Kaylie of the entity that wants to take over? And can Shanna trust herself enough to do what Jonah needs her to?

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  1. Thanks, Kathy! I'm glad you liked Connection :) You only have to wait till October for book 2... that isn't that long, is it? And if you're a Jonah fan, you'll really like book 2, because he's the narrator.

  2. Terrific review and update on Jo Ramsey's writing career. Congratulations!

  3. Very nice, review! Sounds like an interesting story!

  4. Hey Jo! Thanks for stopping by... and *if* I like Jonah... hee hee. First person Jonah narrative? YES!
    That sounds like it's going to be another GREAT story... and October... I'll *try* to be patient.. really I'll try. I might just have to re-read Connection a couple of times 'til then.... *grin*

  5. Hi Donna, Thank you! It was a real pleasure and the review was so easy to write... stories like Connection do that for me.

  6. Hi Lisa! Oh it is; I'm a sometimes fan of YA stories... stories like Connection; like Kelley Armstrong's Dark Powers and like Katie Maxwell's. And Jo Ramsey is right up there with these two, IMHO.

  7. OMG, Kathy... what you just said? Gonna faint now. lol. Thank you for such high praise!

    I'll be sure to let ya know when Filtration System will be available... first person Jonah, the first report against Shanna's mother, and using energy healing to help a girl with autism fight off malicious entities. :)

  8. Ah Jo, it's true. I was totally left with the feeling of, I don't know... awe, the same as I do with the two other authors.
    You're good lady!

    And oh thank heaven! Finally for Shanna; although I hope that doesn't open up a whole 'nother can of worms. Ooooh boy... malicious entities... I'm already shuddering!

  9. Kathy, that just warms my heart to hear :) Thank you!

    No can of worms... but no immediate resolution, either.

    And I'm not gonna say any more here, 'cause I'm hijacking your blog. LOL

  10. Hey, hijack away! This has been a good day... *grin*

  11. I've often enjoyed YA books. This one sounds good.


  12. Janice, it is good... of course, I'm a bit biased. lol

  13. Hey Janice, Oh I'm with Jo on this... Connection is awesome! And yes, she has every right to be biased. I mean if I wrote something that good... wow, no one would ever hear the end of it. Not that I'd be bragging mind... uh, well, yeah, I probably would. *grin*

    Thanks for stopping by... and Jo, thanks for filling in! *wink*

    Saturday, June 12, 2010