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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

The issues of TBR, TBB & being a hard core reader

I've always been a collector, and an avid one at that.  Anything that strikes my fancy, for whatever reason, ends up getting a great deal of attention.  When I was younger - much younger - that included my bread-bag-clip collection... and rocks.
Well the bread-bag-clips are long gone... not, alas, without a sense of regret, but the rocks are still here.  And I've added a few more - hundred or so - over the intervening years.  Yeah... never said I was normal!

I've also been a reader for just as many, if not more, years.  And that's one thing that will never end.  It's seen me through years and years of depression and enabled me to cope when I didn't know what the hell, 'scuse me... heck, was wrong.  In fact for over 20 years I had no idea that there was something wrong... but my books helped me anyways.

So add together an avid, nay voracious!, reader and collecting and you end up with someone who has books coming out the yin yang.  Hey!  That's the name of this blog... whaddya know?

Now a few years ago I didn't have a TBR nor a TBB -- for those not in the know, TBR is to be read and TBB, to be bought. I had books that I'd buy but they were read in a matter of days.  If I had 10 I had enough new material for oh, say... 10 days. 
But a few years ago... and I mean 2007... I found an online community that dealt with books.  Well, holy moley can you say 'addiction'?
 Thus the beginning of a mass of books that I bought 'cause of the recommendations that I found through other members of the eHarlequin community.  And the rest, as they say, is history.  Well, not history, but you get the picture.
And speaking of picture... I just took a whole whack of 'em of all my books - read and TBR - here on the main floor.  And when I can figure out how to download them from my cell phone, well then....

Anyway.... *eyeroll* before I got sidetracked. 
So now I have in excess of 500, probably 600, print books.  In 3 years.  And my keeper print books is now in excess of 2000. It was about 1200 books back before eHarlequin.
And lets not forget about ebooks!  Oh heck no, can't do that. 
So I think that the ebook bug first bit in the fall of 2008.  In that time I've managed to amass a couple thousand ebook titles... and of those at least a third, if not a half, are TBR.
And danged if my favourite authors - now in the high double digits - don't keep writing and releasing new books.  *sigh*

I suppose I could put the acquisition of said books on hiatus but, frankly, that's not freakin' likely.  So my TBR continues to grow.  Which leads me to my TBB.

So, in an effort to restrain my purchase impulses in particular for ebooks I came up with a TBB list.  Huh... yeah, now that is bulging... until I can't take it anymore and then give in and descend on the epublishers that I frequent. 

But hey! They're books right? And there are many, many other things that I could be spending my time and money on... and most of them not so good.  So, what the heck....


  1. I use that very same rationalization myself! :)

  2. Which explains why my room here is filled with books... most of them not read yet.