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Friday, April 02, 2010

Books that I've read this week

Over the past few years I've been doing really well at keeping track of all the books I read.  Some of it's so that I knew which books to review, but often it was just for the sake of my curiosity. I like knowing what I've read!  So, because I've been falling way behind on tracking books read I thought that I would, each week, post the books that I'd read in that week.  We'll see how quickly I bore everyone, including myself. *grin*

Week 13:
March 26 to April 1 (all that I can remember)
  • More by Sloan Parker
  • No Fear by S.J. Frost
  • With This Ring by TA Chase
  • Surfer (anthology: edited by Neil Plakcy)
  • Miya by DM Sands
  • Star Man by Jan Irving
  • Burning Up by Z.A. Maxfield
  • Silent Night by Rowena Sudbury
  • Silver Queen's Death by Lex Valentine
  • The Gentleman and the Rogue by Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon
  • Del Fantasma: Duck Fart by Jade Buchanan

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