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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Fear by S.J. Frost

A wonderful follow-up story to Conquest, S.J. Frost's No Fear takes us further into the lives of Jesse and Evan and of the band. We also get to know Brandon more and I have to say I totally love this guy! What a super big brother he is and he seriously needs an HEA. Will he or won't he? You'll have to read the book to find out!

Jesse and Evan's relationship continues to deepen and the emotional connection that we, the reader, get to experience is phenomenal. I really love the way that S.J. Frost writes her characters and their stories. There's no lack of hot & sweaty sex... but more, there's no shortage of love. This really is a romance that I will come back to again and again, along with its predecessor, Conquest.

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Book Info:

No Fear (Conquest #2) by S.J. Frost
Publisher: MLR Press
Genre: Romance, GLBT (M/M), Contemporary
Buy Link:
Summary: After Conquest's long tour, singer Jesse Alexander is ready to head home with his partner, Evan Arden. When Conquest hits the studio again, Jesse finds competition from two new bands and tensions reach a breaking point. Facing challenges unlike any he's ever known, Jesse must somehow duplicate Conquest's success and reach his ultimate goal: showing NO FEAR and announcing his love of Evan publicly.

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