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Monday, November 23, 2009

Some of the books I've read... Oh my!

The joys of reading have never been as evident to me as they have been over the last few weeks. I admit it, I'm a Book Slut ~ and darned proud of it too!~ and being a fairly new reviewer for Ebook Addict and Dark Diva Reviews has been a slice of heaven! While not all of my heavenly reads have been from my review work, a fair bit has.  I've slowly been making sure that I add long-time-eTBR books to my reading list.  I really wish that there were more hours in the day... and that I could dedicate them to just READING.  But, alas, my family does come first and they do like to eat, so.... :grin:

* * * * * *
  • I finally made a place for Z.A. Maxfield's Notturno in my line-up and it was everything ~ and even a bit more ~ than I had thought it would be.  Sometimes the lead-in to a story ~ aka other people's comments, raves and reviews ~ end up leaving me with a slight to severe let-down. Let me say that I've not seen ANYTHING that comes close to the power of Notturno... and that's saying a LOT!
    I'm not making mention of ZAM's Blue Fire 'cause I've just recently reviewed it here... :sigh: My oh my... Adam and Jared

  • T.A. Chase's Nowhere Diner: Finding Love has been in my TBR since its release... I know! And while I knew that I was going to love it ~ everything else that I've read by this marvelously talented author has been fabulous ~ it still managed to take my breath away. I'm sincerely hoping that this is only the first in a series of stories featuring Cookie's diner... I could spend a long, long time there and never be bored!
A few of the review books that I've read lately out-and-out blew me away.  I've come to find that there is a plethora of amazing, talented and just-plain-fantastic, ebook authors around and it's been a thrill to find so many of these and add them to my favourite-and-auto-buy list.  The latest additions, in no particular order:

  • Chrissy Munder ~ Fair Wind
  • Nicki Bennett ~ Flight
  • Neil Plakcy ~ Three Wrong Turns in the Desert
which led me straight to Mr. Plakcy's (which has been in my TBR since its release)

  • Shawn Lane ~ Beyond the Norm
  • Mychael Black ~ As Above, So Below
  • Jet Mykles ~ About Something
  • Rowan McBride ~ One Shot
  • Rosalie Stanton ~ Firsts
I'm not including here books that I've read and reviewed by authors that I already collect; the above are all new-to-me authors that have blasted their way into my heart and onto my list... Thank heavens! The tried and true favourites:

  • Ethan Day ~ As You Are
  • Josh Lanyon ~ I Spy Something Wicked
I actually waited to read "Wicked" because Mr. Lanyon's I Spy Something Bloody was also a long-time resident of my eTBR (I know, I know....); once I figured out that "Wicked" was a sequel novella to a book in my TBR... well, I'm not crazy... much.

* * * * * *

So I decided that today was a great day to at least catch up on my book list; at least here.  My poor eHarlequin blog is starting to collect all kinds of spiders and ghostly sounds.  Ah well... I'll get better at the time organization thing... I hope!

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