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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Triple Oh Heaven! by Robin Anderson (La Di Da Di Bloody Da series)

     I would be entirely remiss in not singing my praises for the latest in Robin Anderson's latest book in his 'La Di Da Bloody Da' series.. At first the 300+ pages were daunting; until I started to read it and then I was completely entranced and consumed. By the end it was a surprise to realise that it was, indeed, a long book. But once again you snared my imagination from the get-go. Miz M and Miz K are completely and utterly charming and I so love their adventures.
     I also love all the romances! But what keeps me glued to the pages are the circumstances in which our dauntless heroines find themselves embroiled and how I KNOW they are going to triumph, and spectacularly at that.

Story Description:
When the two trannys of taste and not tackiness, Miz M and Miz K, set off to judge a pageant with unusual qualifications in the politically turbulent country of Vulgaria, they stumble into a web of deception and misadventures.
The madcap and unique Miz M and Miz K, trannies of taste and never tackiness, manage to find themselves in the center of a web of political chaos and intrigue when they set out to the hitherto unknown country of Vulgaria to judge a pageant that has the most unusual qualifications they have ever encountered.
Meeting some old foes, like Slit-Eye Sly and Svetlana Orlov, and making some new allies, like Triple Oh Heaven and Count Rudi Vernacular--to name a few--brings them face to face with an unusual challenge.
Taking on Kaiser 'The Crippler' Kalishnakov and his plot to take over the world, means stopping germ warfare and the blockage of the world's oil supply. All it will take is a steady aim, a cattle prod, two elephants, a running supply of champagne and crème de menthe, and the Three Muff-keteers!
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