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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Trannys to Tiaras! by Robin Anderson

    The first time I read a Robin Anderson book I was hooked, and completely taken with the story, and the characters. I was now a solid fan.
    Not only am I fortunate enough to work at Silver Publishing where Robin's "La Di Da Di Bloody Da" series has been published, I've had the pleasure of working, in a small way, on the books. 
     The first book I worked on, Trannys to Tiaras!, was my introduction to the inimitable Miz M and Miz K—Miranda Maracona and Kookie Kombius—'trannys of taste, never tackiness'. I then had to read the first book, La Di Da Di Bloody Da!, which only confirmed my first impression of not only Robin Anderson's talent at writing very entertaining stories, but also the stars of the series.
    I was so utterly charmed and entertained by the adventures of Miz M and Miz K in the first book of the series, I indulged myself again with Trannys to Tiaras! , which this time I read for pure enjoyment.
     In the continued escapades of the dynamic duo, and the assorted—and wild!—cast of characters, I once more found myself joyously immersed in another of Robin Anderson's stories. And while I was completely satisfied, the hint of more to come was just the icing on the cake.

Story Description: Diamond smuggling provides little challenge for Miz Miranda Maracona and Miz Kookie Kombuis, two outrageous transvestites (one so dark and one so fair!) or facing the villains determined to 'put a tranny in the works!' From London to luxurious Dune Eden in the Namibian Desert, laughs and outrageous happenings abound.

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