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Monday, March 04, 2013

Velocity by Amelia C. Gormley: Impulse #3

Review: The final book in Amelia Gormley's Impulse trilogy—Velocity—is much more than I expected, and I was expecting quite a lot.
It's not just a tying up of the threads comprising Derrick's and Gavin's stories, and their story—and it does do that beautifully—it's a fulfillment of the promise inherent from the very beginning. The promise of a rich and happy life for two men who, both damaged and living with the (metaphorical) scars,are still aware enough that their initial attraction is so much more than just lust.

Impulse is an extremely satisfying series in which, over the course of the three books, Derrick and Gavin are able to move beyond their crippling pasts to a partnership that is truly between two equals, both strong and loving men. Through Inertia and Acceleration, books one and two, each of them has to deal with the pain and betrayals experienced. Derrick's experiences are, for the most part, more distant while Gavin's are definitely closer. And yet their pasts are both part of the present and something that they have to deal with individually as well as together.
Velocity is a testament to the power of love, romantic and sexual, as well as that of friends and family—and friends who are family.

At the end I'm left breathlessly waiting for the next book by Amelia Gormley. With the Impulse stories she captured not only my heart and mind, but she titillated my senses. All wonderful experiences for this avid reader!
Story Description: For Detroit handyman Derrick Chance and his lover, Gavin Hayes, the holiday season is filled with the promise of new beginnings. Gavin’s officially moving in, and after the New Year, they’ll begin house hunting. But they both know all the talk of gift exchange, whose holiday ornaments go where, and what repairs and remodels will be needed to put Derrick’s house on the market is only a smoke screen.

Before the month is over, Gavin will have the final verdict on whether or not his dangerously delusional ex, Lukas, infected him with HIV. No matter how good Gavin’s chances appear with the three-month hurdle already passed, neither he nor Derrick knows what the future holds for them.

The holidays have always been a time of loss and mourning for Derrick, but now he has to stay strong as Gavin’s own fears and doubts assail him relentlessly. And when Lukas returns, unexpectedly penitent amid troubling revelations, Gavin has to ask himself whether he can offer Derrick the future he deserves, or whether these first few months of happiness are the best they will ever get.

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