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Monday, January 07, 2013

The House of Silver Oak by Nix Winter

Review: I've read The House of Silver Oak by Nix Winter a number of times and yet each time I find myself once again spellbound and utterly captivated.

I'm really not sure what it is, if it's Cain and his struggles with his memories of war, the loss of his leg, alcoholism, the debilitating panic attacks... basically life since Iraq.
Or if it's Shelly, the ghost that haunts Silver Oak. He is completely entrancing and his charisma, his sense of fun, exude from the pages.

No, I guess what really makes this book so special is all of it: the characters who suffer yet struggle for happiness; the past, both recent and distant, that is brought to life bit by bit; the coming together of the people, again past and present; the synchronicity of it all.

Whatever the magic is, Nix Winter wielded it wonderfully. The story pulls the reader along as we get to know, in depth, Cain and Shelly, and all those whose lives intersect theirs, one way or the other. There is anger, tears, hope, excitement, joy, terror, and over all a tension that builds and builds with each page.

The House of Silver Oak is a book I go to when I need a fairly quick read that grabs my imagination, runs me through a gamut of emotions, and leaves me feeling... amazing!

~ 5 out of 5 Stars ~ Highly recommend! ~

Story Description:
Don't go in the cellar.

Cain's problems
didn't get smaller in Iraq.

His last chance
gets him a job
as a caretaker
for an old mansion.

It comes with more ghosts
than he had before.

Don't go in the cellar.

A hundred years before
a triple homicide
made the house notorious.

Shelly Comstock-Gray
is still teh celebrated murder suspect.

Cain can't believe
the smiling, cheerful ghost hurt anyone.

Mistakes can be deadly.

Don't go in the cellar.

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