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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Candy G. by C. Zampa -- a Winner first time out!

I'm fortunate enough to belong to a number of groups where the inimitable C.Zampa also hangs out. I've been one of the group entertained by the lovely lady with a wry sense of humour as well as a sense of fun. She's also a very caring person who makes you feel as though you do matter.

So when I found out that her first book had been picked up for release I was so happy...both for her and for me. I love to read and Zampa's writing has always struck a chord within me.

Last night I happened to be on the computer immediately after her book went live [okay 'happened' might be a bit of a stretch; I was haunting Dreamspinner 'cause I knew the book would likely pop up at midnight EST - happily I'm on Mountain time so it was 10:08 when I nabbed it *grin*]. So I did what any other self-respecting book whore would do: I bought it! And then started reading it...and kept on reading it.

Alas, I did have to put it down when my eyes would no longer focus... not as young as I used to be y'know... but when I woke up this morning the first thing I did was pick up where I'd left off. By that point I was just over halfway through its 210 pages... and I couldn't get through it fast enough. But I'm very happy to say that after finishing Candy G. I'm even more in awe of Zampa's talent...and I knew it was going to be good!

I will be reviewing it, but honestly I need to let it simmer for a bit. The emotions were boiling and now that I'm done I can let them percolate through and hopefully, I can find the words to do Candy G. justice. But I will say one thing right now:

Candy G. will take you on an emotional rollercoaster ride. You don't know what is coming around the next corner but you do know that it will continue to thrill and excite and tantalise.
The emotions are strong, the characters vital and alive and when you get off the ride, you may feel a little unsteady, but you'll regret that it went by so fast and you'll want to jump on again right away!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

What kind of man drives a bulletproof Mercedes and carries a high-powered pistol in the glove compartment along with his boyhood teddy bear? Candy G does, that’s who. Once the exclusive attorney for the most powerful drug lord in San Antonio, he turned his back on Teirso Flores and walked away. But at what price?

Moving on with his life despite the threat of Teirso’s revenge, Candy meets gorgeous, streetwise Carlos Alvarez, and thus begins a passionate love affair rife with danger, secrets, and specters from the past that just won’t let go. When truths are revealed, will the one thing that brought their worlds together be the test that strengthens their love or the knife that severs their bond forever?

Who: C. Zampa
What: Candy G.
Where: Dreamspinner Press
When: March 2, 2011
How: 210 pages

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  1. Well, lady, you already made me cry once today. Here I go again, but they're happy tears. I am so glad you enjoyed my fellows, and I'm honored by your words!

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  2. OMG! I grabbed it at 12:08 EST. I tried at 12:04 but it was still wishlisty. Laughing SO hard at us getting through at the same time! At any rate, it's an EXCELLENT book - from the first line to the last - and you've totally nailed Zampa. She's incredible, and you can see it through every word. Congrats on RELEASE DAY, CZ!

  3. I have not read yet but I'm dying to. I simply adore this woman and I've read bits and pieces of Candy G. She's a fabulous new writer. Happy Release Day, CZ.

  4. Carol, you had me in tears a couple of times as well...and holding my breath and just about dying of shock!

    You did a wonderful, wonderful job lady...but then I knew you would.

    Congratulations again.

    Big hugs!

  5. Sarah, that's just wild! I had checked shortly before and it was still wish-listy (and how I love that!)... Nothing like being right there, right?

    And you're so right about Candy G and CZ. :)

  6. Hey Regina... Exactly! Those tempting bits and pieces were just a taste; the whole is incredible.