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Sunday, February 13, 2011

G.A. Hauser's Strangers With Candy

Strangers with Candy by G.A. Hauser
Perfect Strangers Series
Publisher: OmniLit/All Romance Ebooks
Genre: M/M, Contemporary, Erotic Romance
Length: 8710 words

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Summary: Some temptations are too delicious to ignore…
IRS employee Gareth Witherspoon spies a man, alone at a nearby table in a coffee shop on Valentine’s Day. Something about the foreigner calls to him and in an uncharacteristic leap of faith he impulsively slips the man a box of candy.
Urie is new to the United States, but he’s no stranger to heartache. Since arriving in Los Angeles he’s been lonely, isolated, and in desperate need of friendship. Gareth’s gesture touches his heart and Urie finds himself throwing caution to the wind.
All bets are off and anything goes when the two men spontaneously become lovers. Could it be Urie has found his soul mate in the City of Angels?

Kalyko’s Review: Oh I loved this story! I think it was just because Urie and Gareth were so much alike under the skin and that, taking the chances they did, they ended up with their hearts’ desire. A sweet and heartwarming tale that is perfect for the buildup to Valentine’s Day!

Being party to Urie’s thoughts and feelings adds a depth to this story that I hadn’t really expected. We’ve all been lonely, but to feel, as he did, that he didn’t belong and that he would never have what his heart yearned for was so poignant. So when Gareth made the first move, the hope that started to build in Urie was incredibly touching. And to discover that Gareth too had little to no hope for a happy-ever-after, just made the development of what happened between them that much more beautiful.

G.A. Hauser has, once again, taken a fairly simple story-line and added so much emotion and personality to it that you can’t help but be taken in. And if she were ever to write more about these two men, I’d be very happy to indulge myself once again. Strangers with Candy is sweet, but not achingly so…just the right touch with which to celebrate love.

Rated 4½ Ravens by Kalyko!

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