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Sunday, July 04, 2010

Bryl Tyne - Forsaken (The Zagzagel Diaires #1)

I am really looking forward to more stories from The ZagZagel Diaries. Bryl Tyne is an author whose work I always enjoy; the characters that people Bryl's stories are interesting and people that I can care for; regardless of the length of the story.

Forsaken is very short, 9 pages, but it holds a wealth of emotion; heartache, pain and ultimately acceptance. It's another of Bryl's books that I bought as soon as I realised it was out... and, as always, it's a real treat.

 * * * * * *

Book info:
Bryl R. Tyne; Forsaken (The Zagzagel Diaries, #1); Untreed Reads; March 26, 2010

Description:  An uncoventional guardian angel attempts to keep his gay charge from committing suicide, while wrestling with his own personal issues. This si the first in the Zagzagel Diaries series.


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