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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Bryl Tyne - The Zagzagel Diaries

Bryl Tyne with the Zagzagel Diaries series has created amazing and extremely powerful stories. So far the series is up to three books with, I believe, another four planned? Something like that. All I can say is that in these, to date, three very short stories we are taken to a point in each person's life where they are on the verge of self-destruction.
Each of them has come to the point in their life where they have to face that they're gay; each story deals with another emotion that LGBT youth must deal with.
With a spare narrative style we are taken along with guardian angel Zagzagel as he takes matters into his own hands and, going against the wishes of 'Papa', appears to his charge. Each story so far has left me reeling and I've found that I go back to them over and over. My heart is definitely with each of the souls that Zag is determined to not only save, but help them to go that one step further wherein they can actually begin to live.

These stories aren't long, but you won't notice; there is so much in each one that I get utterly caught up in what's happening. Not only do I feel the emotional turmoil, but I can *see* so much of what Bryl describes. This is only part of the reason that Bryl Tyne is one of my favourite authors.

Oh... one other thing - as soon as I know that Bryl's got another story out I'm there... and I read it right away too.
The Zagzagel Diaries published by Untreed Reads.


  1. Hmm. Not sure about guardian angel stories...

  2. Kathy, I'm thrilled you continue to enjoy my stories, even the ones that have no erotic content.

    Try as I may, however, I can't seem to stay away from writing erotic romance other words, May Day will be out tomorrow. And I know you'll really like it.

    Your kind words are always appreciated.

  3. Chris, oh Zag is NOT your typical guardian angel... not at all!
    The stories are short but they're amazingly powerful nonetheless. I think you'd like them.

    I know I do! *grin*

  4. Bryl!! Erotic, non-erotic doesn't make any difference to me.
    And I've got May Day written on my calendar; sooooo looking forward to Ed's story, oh my YES!

    "You ain't old Ed. You just need to get laid."
    May Day by Bryl R. Tyne

    And, wouldn't you know it... I JUST GOT IT NOW!!! Wheeeee