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Thursday, May 06, 2010

Mind Walker by Roy McConnell

I *found* this book through Goodreads when the author, Roy McConnell recommended it to me. It's exactly the type of thriller that I enjoy; one with a larger-than-life premise and tension-filled action and adventure. It's also got, not a paranormal element so much as a supernatural element that appealed to me. Mind, now having read the book I'm sincerely glad that THAT particular power doesn't exist, 'cause man oh man... NOT a place I'd want to be. Never knowing if my thoughts were my own or not?

I really enjoyed the characters of Chris and Tara and most of Chris' contacts... many of whom I'd love to see in subsequent books. I had ordered the book a week or so ago and picked it up yesterday... by this evening I was done and that is very unusual. It's rare that any new book I get is read right away, but I'm very glad that I did that with Mind Walker.

There was one little thing that jarred a bit - and I did mention it in my Goodreads review but it wasn't enough to take me out of the story; it's certainly not enough to stop me from waiting for Mr. McConnell's next book in the series.  For that I'll be eagerly waiting.

* * * * * *

Book info:

Roy McConnell; Mind Walker; iUniverse, Inc.; September 2009 - TPB 228 pages

Summary: For more than four hundred years, the males of the Ostermann family have unleashed their secret power on the world, destroying lives and amassing great fortunes. But five centuries prior, the first woman to inherit the identical gene as the males foretold that another female would be born with the same power. It was she who would stand against the madness of the Ostermann reign. No one knew when she would come…until now.

In present-day British Columbia, Wolf Ostermann rules his exotic estate with an iron fist. Ostermann has no son to continue his family legacy, so if he and his family are to maintain their economic grip on the world, Wolf must indoctrinate his reluctant daughter, Tara. Unfortunately for Wolf, Tara will have nothing to do with him anymore, and that doesn’t bode well for the tyrannical megalomaniac.

Now on the run, Tara and ex-CIA operative Chris Landry must battle for their lives as they ultimately realize the tenacious reach of her father’s powerful mind—and the evil it unleashes on all of humanity.

Bursting with raw emotion, Mind Walker combines action and suspense in a nonstop ride from the landscapes of British Columbia to the Caribbean Islands, and ends in a chilling climax in New York City.

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