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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

D.W. Marchwell - Comfort

4½ stars - D.W. Marchwell excels with his novels, but he also does an amazing job with his short stories. In just a few pages he introduces us to, then gets us involved with, his characters. And he always leaves us utterly delighted. And while I would love to have more story to read, I can never figure out just how Mr. Marchwell could do it. The story may be short but it is complete as is.

Comfort is a tender, loving and, yes I'll say it, sweet story about Chris and Davis. These two young men didn't know each other for very long, but their connection was very potent. I loved the brief shared moments in their lives and the emotions came spilling across the pages [uh, virtual pages:] in an eminently satisfying manner.

Once again, D.W. Marchwell illustrates beautifully just why I not only buy his books as they're released, but also read them right away. And with my extremely large TBR that's saying something!

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Book info:
D.W. Marchwell; Comfort; Dreamspinner Press; May 2010

Chris Egeto fled to Canada to avoid the Vietnam War with only fifty dollars in his pocket and a desire to stay alive and whole; he left everything he knows and loves behind. But when he is injured just after making it across the border, Chris doesn't have a choice: he will have to trust the stranger who offers him help, a decision tha will change both their lives forever.



  1. Must add to be TBB list. :)

    You should visit my place today. Before 9 pm CDT. Just saying... ;)

  2. Oh thank you Chris!... I've been working on clearing out a whole lot of my print TBR... now I'm listing all the ones left.

    Fun, but sure takes time from the computer! *grin*

  3. I'm really, really picky about listing every ebook I get in my LT right away, so that I don't buy dupes, etc. But yowzers - it does take time!

  4. LT? I can't make heads nor tails of that one. But it sounds as though I should have one... 'cause I do - although not as often - buy duplicates. *sigh*

  5. Love my LibraryThing. Sadly, I don't feel like Goodreads offers as much for managing my books.