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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ava March - Bound to Him

I finished Bound to Him shortly after posting the review for Bound by Deception; but it was late and my brain cells were all sleeping so I thought it would be better to leave well enough alone.

Okay, Wow!  This second story in Ava March's Bound series was way more tension-filled and emotionally volatile, but I loved it!  Mind, at times, I wasn't any too fond of Vincent; good thing for him Oliver really loved him. But really, there's just no other way for it to have gone. Especially not with Vincent's need to please his father - and what a bastard HE was - and his fear of not living up to society's expectation (Poo on society's expectations). 
But I did love that both Oliver and Vincent had lessons to learn; it wasn't all Vincent after all! 

Once again, Ava has shown just how amazingly she can combine, in the words of Devon Rhodes, hot and history. Very intense and extremely Yummy!

Lord Vincent Prescot’s life couldn’t be better. Thriving investments, well-respected by his peers, and mind blowing sex with a man who submits to his every desire -- what more could he want?

Lord Oliver Marsden should be more than happy with his life. He’s been in love with Vincent for over a decade and six months ago the impossible happened and they became lovers. But since then, nothing has changed. More specifically, Vincent hasn’t changed. Oliver has tried to be patient -- it took a lot for Vincent to accept the fact he preferred men. But what felt like a tiny distance between them six months ago now feels like an ever-widening chasm. Why can’t Vincent stay the night? Is it too much to ask for Vincent to call him Oliver and not Marsden? He knows Vincent cares for him, but does Vincent love him?

Then Vincent’s father asks him for a favor -- one that involves marriage. If Vincent agrees, he’ll have the respect he’s craved from his father his entire life but he could lose Oliver. Nor does Oliver make the decision easy. To keep Oliver, he’ll have to do more than deny his father. He’ll have to give Oliver his heart.

Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Anal play/intercourse, Domination/submission, male/male sexual practices.

Available at Loose Id


  1. Yes, yes, must read these!! :D

  2. lol... I'm glad that I finally did... the benefits of joining monthly challenges!

    I've read 8 books from my TBR.... and I'm quite pleased with it.

  3. Ah, me and challenges... joining a challenge guarantees I'll never read another book that fulfills the challenge. Unless it's the M/M Romance Challenge, which I joined after I'd met it already...

  4. lol... as long as I keep the challenges something that I can accomplish, it does help. My TBR is H-U-G-E!!