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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ava March ~ Bound by Deception

Before reading Bound by Deception, I'd read only one other of Ava March's books. That one was Convincing Arthur and I was totally and completely hooked.  I've only read these two so far, well no, I'm nearly finished Bound to Him, a sequel for Oliver and Vincent (love it by the way!) but I've got the rest of her books sitting in my TBR. She writes sensual and very sexy historical romances set in the Regency period. Of course I love them; I'm a fan of Regency romances but add to them hot man-on-man loving and I'm all over it!  Especially when the author writes with such passion and detail.  With Bound by Deception, Ava March has definitely cemented her place on my favourites and auto-buy list.  Man, can she write!

Oliver and Vincent's story includes BDSM, but it's more Bondage and Domination / submission than S and M... which is just fine with me.  But most of all it's a love story in a dangerous time for men to love men. And Ava shows just how difficult it must have been to risk everything. For Vincent his changing feelings for his best friend contain a definite danger and it's obvious in the way that the story develops. 
While today there's no legal threat of death, there is still danger to those in the GLBTQ community and that angers and sickens me.  Society has improved, but it still has a very, very long way to go.  

Lord Oliver Marsden has a secret. He's been in love with his childhood friend for years, though Vincent's never shown an interest in him beyond friendship. Ruggedly handsome, wealthy, and successful, Vincent is everything Oliver is not. And above all, Vincent doesn't prefer men.

Then Oliver discovers Vincent hires a man during his visits to a London brothel. Desperate to be with Vincent, Oliver orchestrates a deception, switching places with the brothel's employee. When Oliver arrives at the bedchamber, he's in for another surprise. Restraints and a leather bullwhip? Apparently Vincent isn't as conservative as he appears.

Lord Vincent Prescot has a secret of his own. One kept locked away and only indulged on the first Thursday of every month. But this month's appointment is different. The mysterious man is so perfect, so beautiful in his submission, rousing protective instincts Vincent can't deny. And to make matters worse, Vincent actually kisses him. Yet Vincent refuses to believe he might truly prefer men, for it could mean the end of his hopes of earning his father's respect.

Will betrayal destroy them or will they be bound together by deception?

Available at Loose Id


  1. I've only read From Afar (did you stop by my place to enter the contest for it??), but I have this one on my ereader. She's also got a freebie short called Deliberately Unbound that's related to the Bound books.

  2. Wahoo! Thank you Chris! *muah*

    Okay, I've been and entered and then I found Deliberately Unbound.... I remember, now, Ethan mentioning something about this, or at least posting it for Ava... Of course now that I've finished both stories, I'm really hankering to read it.

    Thank you... you Rock!

  3. Oh, you are very welcome. You know me, happily enabling around the internetz. ;)

  4. :) Ava is one of my favorite peeps and what she does with merging hot with historical is just amazing. Yummy, yummy men.

    Love all her men, and totally recommend you get around to her new one, From Afar (I know you love vamps, Kath), and my personal favorite of hers, Object Of His Desire. Henry and Arsen together are unforgettable.

  5. Chris, enable away! I'm a big fan of anyone that pimps books... my TBR is groaning and my husband prefers to remain blissfully ignorant, but I love it!

  6. Devon, Hey there! How're you doing?

    I love what you said "...she does with merging hot with historical is just amazing." That's so true!

    And Vampires? Where'd you get that impression? *grin*... I do love vamps, yes indeedy I do. And an Ava story with vamps? Excellent! *rubbing hands in glee*

  7. *hangs head* Yes, I know I've been hiding away from the boards. My life is chaos. The good news is I have 3 releases coming and a beautifully organized writing schedule planned. Now, just have to execute! :)