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Friday, March 19, 2010

Some of my favourite authors - OR - What Ethan Day's Gay Day has done to my TBR

I've gotta say that Ethan Day's Gay Day is responsible for the huge increase in my TBR and my TBB; actually before Gay Day last September I didn't even have a TBB list.  But there you have it. 
The authors that show up on Ethan's Gay Day to tease and tantalise us poor lowly readers are phenomenal.  And many of them have become favourites:  Ethan Day, well Ethan's been a favourite of mine for over a year and each story just cements his place there.  But I've also found other authors (and they're in alphabetical order... no way can I put one ahead of another... they're all my faves for a reason!):
  • Adrianne Brennan
  • P.A. Brown
  • Leiland Dale
  • Jason Eddings
  • S.J. Frost
  • KImberly Gardner
  • Andrew Grey
  • Jambrea Jo Jones
  • Geoff Knight (aka A.J. Ryan, aka Sam Cross)
  • AJ Llewellyn
  • Clare London
  • Lynn Lorenz
  • DJ Manly
  • Z.A. Maxfield
  • Patric Michael
  • AKM Miles
  • Johnny Miles (still waiting for May 15!)
  • Jet Mykles
  • Willa Okati
  • Sloan Parker (just waiting for it to be released)
  • Neil S. Plakcy
  • Devon Rhodes
  • Jaime Samms
  • Lex Valentine
  • Nix Winter 
and Amanda Young predates Ethan... actually I *found* Ethan through an interview that Amanda did with him.  Best. Interview. EVER! 

So, yes when I say that my TBR is unmanageable, I have the above authors to thank!  And a few more that I've kind of stumbled onto either through my own blind luck or have been led to by others.  But that's a whole different story--all about Book Sluts & Book Man Whores.  *grin*


  1. LOL - ah, the dangers of blogging: "May cause a TBR pile/file that cannot be completed during your lifetime."

  2. Sheesh, no kidding. Actually I'm going to have a LOT of reading when my husband retires... and when I stop babysitting.


  3. You know you can't really blame Ethan for your list!! He can't help it if all them authors are yummie!!

  4. Aw, Kathy, thanks for adding me to your list. I'm honored to be included with all those great authors. Hopefully if you do get a chance to read More you'll enjoy it.

    I agree that Ethan's Gay Day is a great place to expand your TBR list. Even if your list is over 300 books long like mine. :)

  5. Petchie I can blame Ethan all I want! OR rather Ethan's Gay Day... wouldn't want to blame the host!

    And Sloan, I know I'm going to love it... I really, really like More Than Just a Good Book... I've read it a few times already.
    So I'm looking forward to something new!

  6. Utter blogger fail...just now catching up on the blogs I follow, lol. Being in Hawaii is a poor excuse. ;) So just wanted to say thanks for the huge smile when I arrowed down and saw my name on your list! And sorry 'bout that, but I have three releases in the next two months for your beleaguered TBR and TBB lists!

  7. lol... Oh lovely! Thank you Devon.... Even though my TBR / TBB may groan, but as a reader? I'll be cheering!

    And Hawaii? You're definitely excused! Hope you had a wonderful time.