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Friday, March 19, 2010

Paul's D'Marco by Leiland Dale

So yes, now that I've been royally sidetracked -- see previous post! -- I will now discuss the latest book that I read by Leiland Dale.
 I read, and reviewed his book When the Bluebird Calls for Dark Diva Reviews and I loved it.  But Paul's D'Marco is a different story altogether.  One that I love, if possible, even more than Bluebird.  I think part of the reason that it appeals so much to me is the suspense element.  I love suspense / thrillers and Leiland's imbued Paul's D'Marco with suspense galore... it also doesn't hurt that it's got police in it.
Then there's the romance; whew!  Extremely sexy and H-O-T, I loved the development of the relationship between Matt D'Marco and Paul Whittington.  And the struggle to discover who is killing these boys; horrific yes, but a mesmermising story nonetheless.  In fact, I've already re-read Paul's D'Marco... it's the kind of story that will be a regular re-read.

* * * * * *
DescriptionMatt D'Marco has happily settled in his routine for years. Now with a pending divorce, recently promoted Matt's life is about to take an entirely new direction. Matt's first case as detective turns out to be a challenge. Desperation sets in when all leads in the child serial killer case leave the police department empty handed. Paul Whittington, psychic and medium, may be the only solution in finding a break in the case.

Matt and Paul are forced to work together. But when a work relationship turns into something more, it challenges everything Matt's known about himself, his life, and desires. Then, a turn in the case could put everything at risk. In the end, can Paul win over Matt's resistance and claim him as his own?

by Silver Publishing -- Buy here


  1. I just picked this up from Smashwords (since I have an account there already). Sounds like it has all the elements that I like (cop, gfy). Thanks for the review!

  2. Chris, I'm more than happy to spread the joy... and TBRs.

    But even the second time around I loved it... possibly even a little bit more.