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Friday, March 12, 2010

Leiland Dale's got a contest... I've entered

So, Leiland Dale announced that he's got a contest here for three copies of his latest book to be released March 20.
Having read his two previous books ~ When the Bluebird Calls and Paul's D'Marco (reviews to come... promise!) ~ I jumped on the chance to win a new book.
The contest started yesterday, March 11 and runs until March 20.  The book is A Prophecy of Destiny and promises to be as engaging as his other two books.



  1. I'm passing on that contest, just because the book description's not drawing me in (although I have When the Bluebird Calls on my TBR list). But I was admiring your header disclaimer. I keep thinking maybe I need a disclaimer - and then I get an email or comment from someone I know is reading the blog from back in my more staid mostly knitting days, and realize I'm slowly wearing some of them down into opening their minds. That makes me very, very happy. (Subversion - yes!)

  2. *laugh* I debated whether or not to have the disclaimer... still sometime have doubts, but... meh.

    Some day I may be brave again. *grin*