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Saturday, March 06, 2010

The House of Silver Oak by Nix Winter

The House of Silver Oak by Nix Winter --here-- is an amazing story that I was fortunate enough, along with several other members from Ethan Day's Yahoo group, to get a copy of from the author.  I've read a few of Nix's books and really enjoyed them; but this one I absolutely loved!  In Nix's books, that I've read, there's been an underlying sense of mischief that pervades the story, usually associated with one of the characters. In The House of Silver Oak  the mischievous character is Shelly Comstock-Gray.  His interactions with the other main character / hero, Cain Hardrain, really make this story sparkle and add a humour that is wielded with a deft touch.

Then there's the eerie mystery of just what it is to be feared in the cellar... and who was responsible for the deaths of Shelly, his brother and his brother's fiancĂ©e?  I was kept on tenterhooks throughout the book and couldn't wait to get to the answers.  But then I was disappointed that I'd come to the end. 
There is a spookiness to the story that is wonderfully balanced by the humour. The cast of characters is bigger than I expected and the intricacies of the various connections is quite stunning. Everything, everything, works so marvellously together and I hope that this book gains a wide audience... it is very deserving of such.

Oh and not only is NIx Winter a fantastic author, but Nix is also a stellar artist.  Nix has done many covers for other ebooks and, if I'm not mistaken, is the creator of the beautiful and haunting cover for The House of Silver Oak.  Multi-talented is the least I can say!

If you enjoy ghost stories, murder mysteries, romances and sexy man-on-man loving, then I strongly urge you to check this book out.  And don't delay!

* * * * * *


Cain's problems didn't get smaller in Iraq.

Whiskey doesn't fix anything long enough.

His last chance gets him a job as a caretaker for an old mansion.

It comes with more ghosts than he had before.

Don't go in the cellar.

A hundred years before a triple homicide made the house notorious.

Shelly Comstock-Gray is still the celebrated murder suspect.

Cain can't believe the smiling, cheerful ghost hurt anyone.

Mistakes can be deadly.

Don't go in the cellar.

* * * * * *



  1. Thank you very much for reading and reviewing Silver Oak! :) You helped me a lot :)
    I just finished the trailer for it :) So I thought I'd drop by with that too :) I hope it's okay.

  2. Hey Nix... oh that's wonderful! Thank you.

    And I wanted to let you know I'm waiting for my print copy of The House of Silver Oak to arrive... it's going to be exciting!!

  3. Hey Kathy execlent review for a totally execlent read!

  4. Thanks Perpetua... it was a great story wasn't it?