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Friday, February 26, 2010

D.W. Marchwell ~ Falling

D.W. Marchwell's books are addictive!  I've not read one that's not appealed to me in a big way. His characters are regular people with flaws and foibles, his scenes varied but always based in reality, and his stories clutch at the heart strings and you don't want to get away.

This is the third of Marchwell's full-length novels ~ Good to Know, Sins of the Father and now Falling ~ and he's had two novellas, one in Dreamspinner Press's Mistletoe Madness, Mitchell's Presence, and his most recent, Until.  I'm hooked... but then I've been enamoured of this author's writing since the first book.
There's something about the way that his characters interact, and something about who they are that really resonates with me.

In Falling, Sam and Hank, on the surface, are wildly different.  Hank is a logger and he's happiest outdoors drinking in the scenery from his perch way up high in the tallest trees. He's addicted to the thrill that's part of the logger's life while the rest of his life is little more than a search, for what he doesn't know; but women and partying aren't satisfying.
Sam, on the other hand, is a well-established musician from Toronto. His music is pretty much his life, between writing and performing he's not had the time, or really, the inclination to find a man to build a relationship with.
But yet there's something about the other that draws them together.  If you want a romance that'll give you all the tingles that you want; if you want beautiful descriptions of scenery or if you plain just want a great story with interesting characters, then Falling is the book for you.

To buy Falling, click here
To find D.W. Marchwell's other books at Dreamspinner Press, go here.


  1. First I have read Sins of the Father! :)

  2. I have Sins of the Father on my TBR list. Good to Know was okay, but not a favorite.

  3. Sins of the Father is so different, but amazing! A lot grittier but really strong.