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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mahu Surfer by Neil Plakcy

Neil Plakcy has, in Kimo Kanapa'aka, created a character that comes to life. In his struggles with his outing, his desire to be just Kimo Kanapa'aka, former surfer, now homicide detective, he's finding that, to many people, he's more--or to some, less. He's a real person dealing with frustrations that most of us will never have to go through. Even more, he's still a cop and a good one at that. It's driving him crazy that his notoriety is both a help and a hindrance.

Mr. Plakcy's mystery writing is superb, his characterisations wonderful and his storytelling stellar. On so many levels this author has gained my appreciation; and as a writer he's fabulous!

Book Info:

Neil S. Plakcy; Mahu Surfer; Alyson Books; August 2007

* * * * * *


On the North Shore of Oahu, three young surfers have been murdered--shot by a high-powered rifle while riding the waves. For Kimo Kanapa'aka, the only openly gay detective in Honolulu--and one-time competitive surfer--tracking the killer is his way back to respectablility within his own department. Infiltrating the close-knit surfer community, Kimo discovers more than trouble in paradise. He finds pure evil under the sun.

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