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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mahu by Neil S. Plakcy

I love mysteries and I love Neil Plakcy's books. Up until I read his Mahu series, I'd only read two of Mr. Plakcy's books, but they really struck a chord with me. So when I found that his first book was a police procedural and that the main character, Kimo Kanapa'aka is a gay homicide detective, I knew I had to get it... and the three following stories as well.

I am pleased to say that I was NOT disappointed! As far as I'm concerned Neil can write just about anything and I'm going to enjoy it.

Kimo Kanapa'aka is a seriously engaging character and following as his life is turned upside-down and topsy-turvy is a rollercoaster ride where you can't see what's coming up next. And Mr. Plakcy keeps the tension honed to a fine edge; but he's also very good at letting us breathe once in awhile.

All I can say is, Neil Plakcy has joined my top favourite and auto-buy author's list... and I've already made excellent headway on collecting all his books.

Book Info:

Neil S. Plakcy; MAHU; Alyson Books; 2009 (reprint)

* * * * * *

Honolulu becomes the site for murder and deception. When handsome, mixed-race surfer (and closeted homicide detective) Kimo Kanapa'aka leaves a Honolulu gay bar late one night and stumbles onto two men dropping a dead body in an alley, he has no idea hat he is about to begin the journey of his life--into danger, passion and self-awareness. Kimo's pursuit of this case takes him from the seamy underside of Chinatown to the elegance of million-dollar homes in Maunalani Heights, from gay bars where young men stride naked down runways to bloody crime scenes. The murder has the potential to publicize his personal life and wipe-out everything he has worked for.

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