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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Knowledge is Power

While looking for books by Blake Deveraux, I came across this link. I invested the time to watch the 9 segments titled Knowledge is Power aka An HONEST look at homosexuality and Christianity and was stunned by, and in awe of, this program. I discussed it with my 17 year old daughter and later suggested that this program would be a valuable addition to her religion class ~ she's going to check with her teacher. I sincerely hope that he, and the school administration, are open-minded and Christian enough to agree.

About time our Catholic schools raised this issue. I know for a fact that there are gay and lesbian students at our school... and why not? There are over 500 young people in the school.

So give yourself some time to sit back and learn; regardless of any affiliations that you may have, this is a program well worth watching and one that I recommend to parents, teens and educators... not to mention church leaders.

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