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Monday, October 19, 2009

Windows in Time by M. Jules Aedin

This book has, to my embarrassment, been sitting in my TBR for a couple, or perhaps even more, months. And now I'm kicking myself because this story is out-and-out fabulous and a book that I would have already re-read.

Windows in Time is a story so rich in detail, characters, scenes... just everything, that you would always discover another nugget of gold, another delicious tidbit of knowledge, something that would make a re-read almost as fresh as the first time. Of course this would probably work better for people who really enjoy re-reading, but even so....

There are just so many parts of the book about which I could rave; I could also go on ad infinitum... but I won't. Instead I'll mention just how fascinating I found the basic premise, the mystery of who, what and where. Windows in Time is an amalgamation of two separate, by 50 years!, but also closely related, stories. How M. Jules Aedin did this in such a seamless and compelling manner leaves me in awe of her talent.

Then there are the subtle connections between the past and the present that really give me a good case of goosebumps... over and over again.

The gradual, or perhaps not-so-gradual, development of the relationships between the men.

Truly spell-binding this is a ghost story, a fantastic mystery and a beautiful romance, or two, all entwined to create a tale that will live on in my mind for a long time to come.

At least until I read it again... or get an opportunity to buy a print version.

Fabulous, truly fabulous...and I hope that there are many more stories from the pen of M. Jules Aedin. I'll be there!
* * * * * *

Book info:
M. Jules Aedin; Windows in Time; Dreamspinner Press; August 2009

Book Description:
Fate added injury to insult when Jonah Sellers’s live-in boyfriend left him: while moving out his ex’s belongings, Jonah fell down the stairs and broke his leg. Now his house is a prison, and he's working from home while his sister checks up on him. The only diversion in Jonah’s routine is catching the odd glimpse of a man in the apartment across the way taking off his clothes in front of the window.

But then Jonah is distracted by Liam Brooks, the nurse his sister sends over when she goes on vacation. As they dance around their growing attraction, Jonah and Liam begin to wonder about the man in the window. Why is he always dressed in the same clothes? Why is he there one minute and not the next? How is it that he lives in an old woman's apartment? It's while trying to answer these questions that they stumble across a fifty-year-old missing persons case they can't resist trying to solve.


  1. I'm glad you got to it because I LOVED it.

  2. It is an amazing story; totally loved Buck & Oliver and Jonah & Liam... then there was the connection... wow!