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Thursday, October 29, 2009

The Whispered by D.J. Manly

D.J. Manly has done it again.

Right from the start I was completely drawn into The Whispered; as the story progressed I became more and more connected with the characters, especially Reese and Ethan. This is a ghost story, sometimes eerie, often disturbing, but always enthralling.

Reese is down-to-earth and determined to make a go of Mountain Escape, the place his deceased partner Danny had bought for him. A place where Reese could keep busy doing what he loved and provide a home base for Danny when he wasn't travelling for his job. But Danny's dead and Reese has decided that he still wants Mountain Escape, he wants to turn the dream into reality.

I enjoyed the vividness of the descriptions used by D.J. Manly to bring to life not only the area but of the hotel itself. I loved the humanness of Reese and of the caretaker, Hans who's lived there most of his life. And then the eerie whispers, the strange shadows began and the story reached a new level of fascination.

There were times that I would find myself so caught up in the mystery and the tragedy of the past that I couldn't put the book down. The process of revealing the secrets of Escape Mountain was done almost excruciatingly slowly, but the movement was always forward and always, always to the benefit of the story.

Would I read it again? You bet...anytime. It's an awesome ghost story with events that horrify and others that amuse or tug on the heatstrings, but it is always an unforgettable romance.

If you don't have D.J. Manly's The Whispered, don't wait any longer. You will not be disappointed

* * * * * *

Book Info:
D.J. Manly; The Whispered; eXtasy Books; October 15, 2009 [157 pages]

Book Description:
Before Reese arrived at the closed down resort in Southern Australia that his lover had bought for him before he died; he didn’t pay much attention to the stories about ghosts haunting the place. Stories about sexual orgies, and a hot young rock star, who everyone wanted a piece of, that eventually died there, didn’t really frighten him. He didn’t believe in ghosts.

The Mountain Escape, secluded and scenic, had been the ideal place for celebrities, and the wealthy to hide away. Now Reese wanted to hide away, immerse himself in getting the resort into shape for future guests, and forget his pain. But there were too many secrets surrounding the Escape, secrets that some had wanted buried forever. But then sometimes the dead grow restless, and love is eternal.

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