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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Coin Operated Boy by Bryl R. Tyne

This is the latest of Bryl Tyne’s stories that I’ve bought and read and loved. In the short time since I discovered the stories of this wonderful writer, I’ve acquired them all. Bryl’s story-telling is fresh, vital and engaging and the characters are very real people... even if they’re not human.

Case in point, Chal.
Although, to be fair, even as an android he has far more human characteristics than expected. His creator, Silk Pecatti, was an absolute genius when it came to robotics and in Chal all his talents came together to create an astounding whole. In fact Chal amazed even Silk once he found him again.

Chal... wow! This really is his story. Coin Operated Boy details his journey of discovery from nothingness to finally understanding the reason for his existence and his place in Silk’s life.

I was, by turns, amused, amazed and astounded and completely and totally engaged. Bryl delights in bringing an emotional self-discovery to the characters and we, who follow along, are not only entertained but find for ourselves a nugget of truth in our lives.

Well done Bryl... and keep the stories coming. As long as you write ‘em, I’ll buy ‘em!

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Book Info:
Bryl R. Tyne; Coin Operated Boy; Noble Romance Publishing; October 2009 [

After serving time for violating the Android Fair Usage Act, Rye “Silk” Pecatti is hell bent on locating and reacquainting himself with his super android, Chal. Chal was created to learn and to retain human emotions, but Rye never figured in the “will factor.” With an android that’s learned to bargain his way through life, enterprising takes on a whole new meaning, and Rye discovers that yielding control to his creation may be the only way to truly fulfill both their needs.


  1. Very happy you enjoyed Chal's journey. Thanks for the wonderful review, Kathy. Amazed, amused, AND astounded? *huge grin* Thank you, again! wow...

  2. :grin: Well you do know how to write 'em Bryl!

    And yes... all three A's were merited; the depth of the emotions was fantastic.