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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Smart Alex by AKM Miles

In one of the Yahoo groups where I spend some of my time, there had been some discussion about AKM Miles and the fantastic books that she writes; of course I had to check them out. I bought three books ~ Dare To, a Christmas short Dare's Christmas Gift and Smart Alex. I've just finshed the latter and now have added ALL her books to my gotta-get-soon list.

Her stories have so much heart, so much emotional richness and detail that, while you could easily be overwhelmed, the characters keep you grounded. There is one element in both the stories that I've read that leapt to my notice, but it in no way hinders my enjoyment. It's that the romance moves fast... and by fast may I say 'warp speed'? But in AKM Miles's stories, it's the relationships between the men that are the focus, the meat of the story. Not so much that they do fall in love ~ because that's a given ~ but how their love helps them through the very difficult situations and / or events that occur in the story. It's about hope, friendship and love and how all these are necessary for love to withstand the very worst that can be thrown at it.

In Smart Alex, our hero Smart is a young man who's trying to find a place where he fits. He knows he's gay ~ at least he's pretty sure he is ~ but he's never had an opportunity to find out for himself. That is, until he leaves his small hometown and heads off to university. Luckily for him two of the first people he connects with, Mike and Tommy, are the kind of friends everyone should have. They take him under their wing and offer him a friendship the like of which he's never experienced.

I absolutely LOVED the dynamics of the relationships: Smart with Mike and Tommy and then Tommy and Mike... oh those two are so very special. When Smart meets Alex, fireworks ignite... and love finds a home.
This story is not only a romance, but a story of the strength of true and lasting friendships and just how vital they can be in our lives.

If you love a story in which you can lose yourself and yet, at the same time, discover the strength of friendship and real love, then AKM Mile's Smart Alex is just the book for you. But don't stop here; I guarantee that you'll discover that the rest of her stories are just as amazing!

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