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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fire Season by Lex Valentine

I really enjoyed Lex's first two books in the Tales of the Darkworld series... but this one took flight and left me breathless.

This is the third book released in the series, but the events take place prior to Shifting Winds and Hot Water. But that really isn't an issue; each of the stories can stand alone very well. Yes there are connections, but on the whole, it's a connection of character rather than events. This is a riveting, fascinating, fall-in-love-with-the-heroes story that is sure to please the romantic as well as those who enjoy a HOT and steamy erotic romp.

There are so many excellent individual points in Lex's creation of the Darkworld that I really enjoy. It's a world where the paranormal ~ magic, dragon shifters, vampires ~ co-exists with humans, albeit subtly; the commercial world of death is a very interesting focus; the titles are always more than a way to differentiate her stories, they actually end up being a part of the story; and always, always they are most wonderful and heartwarming romances. What's not to love!?

If you haven't read Fire Season yet... don't wait a second longer!

* * * * * *

Book Info:
Lex Valentine; Tales of the Darkworld - Fire Season; Pink Petal Books; 2009

Book Description: Black dragon Holden Antaeus isn't looking for a mate. His life is filled with family, work, and dating. Women adore him and he's never short of offers for sex, but a relationship isn't something he's interested in. When Holden's brother Sean hires a new executive for Antaeus International, Holden's whole world, and everything he's ever believed about himself, is blown to bits. Garret Renquist is a green dragon, intelligent, witty, bi-sexual, and hot for Holden. Despite the fact that Holden is positive he's heterosexual, the moment he meets Garret, something happens inside him. What follows is a journey through stereotypes and ingrained beliefs as Holden struggles with the fact that his destined mate is a man. 

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