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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wild, Tethered, Bound by Stephanie Draven

What a fantastic story! There are definitely boundaries never before crossed in a Harlequin based romance, but Stephanie Draven's myth-creation demands it. Very well done and a story that thrilled at the same time broke my heart. 
I love the way that Stephanie combines ancient mythology with contemporary elements and creates an entire new universe.  Her characters are strong, but hurting.  In fact Nick Leandros hurts so much he's no longer whole.
I was fortunate enough to win her contest and receive a free copy of this story; of course having liked it so much I've already purchased another of her Nocturne Bites ~ Midnight Medusa
This story rated 4.5 hearts.


FROM eHarlequin
Lieutenant Nick Leandros is a battle-hardened soldier who thinks he's seen everything. But nothing prepares him for the horror he encounters in a dark, war-torn forest. The carnage fractures him--body and soul. Split into three separate men with three savage wills, he struggles to tame the cunning creatures and hold them inside.

His only hope of salvation is Dessa, a beautiful dryad who is bound to Nick by mystic forces. She alone understands what he has become, and Nick is the only man who can give her the child she needs. But the cruelest, most lustful part of him demands her submission as the price for his help. With her powers waning every day, time is running out for Dessa to save the last forests of her country...and to heal the man she's come to love.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Another story that I read by Stephanie Draven ~ THE KNIFE'S EDGE ~ was a gift to all those who entered her contest. This is, I believe, a self-published story and again, while very different from the norm, it enchants and titillates. Wonderful combination!

In Stephanie's own words, THE KNIFE'S EDGE is:

... a little experimental, an otherworld fantasy with romantic elements. A little steamy, politically incorrect, and featuring an anti-hero. I thought you might like it.           
Oh I liked it alright! I rate it 4 hearts.

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