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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Cattle Valley ~ My favourites

Visiting Cattle Valley is addictive... really! I finally sat myself down and read all twelve, to date, books in this enthralling, often titillating and extremely heartwarming series. Carol Lynne sure does have a way of bringing to vibrant, full life a cast of characters that are not ever going to be forgotten.

I have my favourites, of course I do... you can't get to know all these sexy men and not fall a little, or even a lot, in love with them.
At the top of my list, I must confess, is Nate Gill. I loved him from the get-go when he showed up in the Good brothers' stories. There's something very attractive about Nate... but then anyone who's spent time with him can attest to that. His personality is larger than life but at the same time he knows, and cares, about people. His partners Rio and Ryan are sexier than hell... uh, all get out and watching as the three start their life together is fun and fascinating. The dynamics between the three of them are superb ~ very likely not something that would work in the 'real' world ~ but Carol, once again, knows her men and these three are determined to be together. 

While each book is tied to the rest, it has its own character, it's own individuality. And this is due, in no small part, to the uniqueness of the men into whose lives we are invited. We get to know why they're in Cattle Valley, what brought them here and what they want, or need, to do. We get to follow and watch as they fall in love and learn to make lives for themselves as well as learn to be part of a community.  And we continue to meet new people and watch as they, too, learn to fit in and, hopefully, find what they're looking for.

Of the twelve books out so far, the ones at the top of my list are:

#  1 All Play, No Work
#  5 Physical Therapy
#11 Eye of the Beholder
#12 Cattle Valley Days

but don't for a minute think that I was totally absorbed by the rest of them.  It's just that there is something about the men, the relationships, the pasts in these four stories to which I really responded... and often very strongly.  Tears and laughter made their appearance while spending time with Nate, Rio and Ryan in All Play, No Work; with Sam, Isaac and Matt in Physical Therapy; and with Rance and Bo (from Campus Cravings' A Biker's Vow) in Eye of the Beholder.  In Cattle Valley Days there is a lot more community activity, and the Good brothers and their partners all show up for a visit ~ YES!  This really is an amazing story.

Now just to wait for the next two to come out: Bent--Not Broken and Arm Candy; these are going to be a real treat!

If you haven't been to Cattle Valley yet, or gotten to know the Good-time Boys or the guys from Campus Cravings, do yourself a favour and find out just why Carol Lynne's stories are so very popular... and Hey, if you don't read e-books, most, if not all, are now out in TPB... I'm going to have to wait for Christmas or my birthday to indulge to that extent... but I will!


  1. I LOVE Cattle Valley. I read one and had to go buy ALL of them that were available at that time. My all time favorite (so far) is Physical Therapy. That one made me CRY so hard. I think it was the military aspect. It just tugged at me. I might have to go re read some of these today. My second favorite is Eye of the Beholder. Wow...Such emotion. I do love that Carol. I can't wait for the next one...I don't have much longer to wait. Woohoo!

  2. Physical Therapy got me more than a little teary-eyed... and Matt's visit to Danny's hometown... OMG! And Sam and Isaac were wonderful characters and perfect for Matt. I loved the whole thing.

    There was just so much outstanding emotional depth to the characters and the story.

    And I'm REALLY looking forward to Bent, Not Broken (at least I think that's the title).