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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Cattle Valley ... an introduction

The reason for this post is that I have, finally, read the rest of Carol Lynne's Cattle Valley stories... at least the ones that have been released so far.  Most of the books have been sitting in my TBR queue; I really wanted to read them altogether, hence the delay.  And oh MY!
I knew that I'd like it ~ I read Carol's Campus Cravings last year and have also devoured quite a few of her other stories... and really liked them all ~ but I didn't expect to fall in love with the town!  But I did... and visiting
Cattle Valley, Wyoming is like visiting dear friends and feeling at home there.  Of course I have my favourites, but Cattle Valley is far more than the characters, it's all about finding home, a place to belong and to feel safe, be accepted for who you are... and love, it's about finding love.

The Cattle Valley series is all about romance... it's also about men (and women) who, while searching for love, learn more about themselves and are able to come to terms with the scars that they carry ~ some external but most internal. Not easy being part of a society where you can be shunned, disowned, attacked even killed all because of who you love. 

Each story is a wonderful combination of elements unique to the characters. There is no formula ~ patterns, yes, but formula, no. Each story brings to life not only the featured characters, but many other people from around the town. One thing that I had forgotten is that while Carol Lynne writes about the men of Cattle Valley, Jenna Byrnes has written to date, two stories (Truth or Dare and Fool's Gold) about some of the women who have moved here, looking for a haven and a chance to begin a life away from prejudices relating to whom they love.

Over the next few days I will be posting my reviews for the stories of which there are 12 so far. 
The more that I get to know the people, and the town, of Cattle Valley, the more that I wish that there really were places like this... A utopian dream? Sure... but that's what dreams are for. 

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