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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

So yep... I found another author who's become, on the strength of the one story that I've read, a favourite and auto-buy author. As this is Ethan Day's debut story, I'm looking forward to many more years of love and laughter as he lets us into the world of his imagination... or at least the part of it that gets published!

I "found" Ethan Day and his story Self Preservation via Amanda Young's blog wherein she did an interview with him.
I loved it; I laughed so much just reading the interview that I was sure that his story would be a winner. I was right!
The characters were very well developed and as the story progressed, getting deeper into Davis' heart and mind was an amazing ride. His emotions were my emotions and I was completely taken in.
Davis' best friend, Deseree ~ oh heavens. I love her! She's sassy, smart, caring and her in-your-face attitude is just what Davis needs to keep grounded.
The memories of Davis and Jack's passionate romance, in turn, made me giddy and broke my heart.
Tadd was an enigma throughout most of the story, but even he, Davis' rival, was a great character.
And Alex, oh my! His pithy comments cracked me up time and again, and the way he and Deseree played off each other was priceless.

As for the romance.... Whew! Both romances, past and present, were fun, erotic, tender and heartwarming. Oh, and can you say Steamy?
Yet this fantastic story was also everything a romance should be and Ethan's description of his story as a romantic comedy? Bang on.

So I wrote up a review (most of it reprinted here... or something) and I've posted it in a couple of places hoping that more people will come across this story, 'cause I think that it's one of those that should be shared, and shared widely.

5 stars... er hearts ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this debut story by Ethan Day... and to be honest I certainly hope he has more where this came from, a LOT more! This man's humour is slightly skewed ~ but I LIKE it ~ and his characters, unforgettable. The story, well I couldn't read it fast enough... but when I was done I felt as though I was saying goodbye to a dear and treasured friend.This story joins the line-up on my (virtual) keeper shelves.Oh, and when it's out in paperback ~ don't get in my way 'cause I'll run anyone over that slows me down on my way to get my copy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Ethan Day; Self Preservation; Loose Id, LLC; February 2009 [54K]
Erotic Gay Romantic Comedy

(from Ethan Day's website)

Davis is a Historic Preservationist who’s stuck in the past. It’s been six years since his steamy four year relationship with stage actor Jack Monroe ended and Davis still can’t imagine his life with anyone other than Jack, the only man he’s ever loved.

When Jack calls and invites Davis to his wedding to Tadd Austin, a prominent architect in Chicago, Davis is stunned. There’s no way in hell Davis can stand by and watch the life he always expected to get back slip away to some guy Jack barely knows.
Tadd Austin, indeed…more like Toad Ass-ton, Davis thinks. He’s going to the wedding with only one goal in mind. To do whatever it takes to win back Jack…the Toad is toast!

Jack is stuck between the possibilities of what could be with Tadd and the passionate past he had with Davis. In the short amount of time Tadd has known Jack, he’s fallen hard. He’s willing to do whatever it takes to keep from losing the new love in his life.

Alex Parker is a wealthy British playboy who’s always had a different guy on his arm and in his bed. He’s never been one for convention and is a bit taken back when he stumbles across Davis. He’d like nothing better than to knock Jack out of Davis’s head once and for all.

Only true love will survive as the tug of war ensues in this Bermuda love triangle from hell.

Copyright 2009 Ethan Day. All Rights Reserved.

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