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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

One of my favourite eHarlequin authors

... is Julie Miller.

I just finished the fourth book in her Brotherhood of the Badge series, which is also her most recent book, and I'd like to share my review ~ which acutally ends up more as an overview of Julie Miller and her books.

Julie Miller; Kansas City Christmas; HI #1099; November 2008

4th in The Precinct: Brotherhood of the Badge series

4.5 stars An amazing end to another of Julie Miller's outstanding KCPD series' of cops, of family and of love.

Yet again Julie Miller has conceived of, and brought to life, another family of cops from Kansas City, Missouri. Her outstanding ability to create genuine people and vivid stories is a constant. I've yet to come across one of her books that has not amazed, if not outright dazzled. The mysteries that she creates hold a timeless appeal; the heroes and heroines become so real that becoming emotionally involved in what happens to them is a given; they also live on long after the pages of the book are closed.
In this, the fourth and final book in her latest mini-series ~ Brotherhood of the Badge ~ Julie has outdone herself. Yet another group of cops from the Fourth Precinct of the KCPD are featured in adventures that challenge their strength, their heart and their very survival. Following along as each of the four Kincaid brothers strive to find out who murdered their father has been emotional yet energizing; exciting yet tender; and a discovery of a love extremely sensual yet a salvation for each of the characters involved. It has been a roller-coaster of emotion, each story with an ending sure to satisfy even the most demanding of romantics.
Now, if I sound like a gushing fan-girl... well I guess I am... but the reason can be found in each of Julie Miller's captivating stories; the four in her Brotherhood of the Badge mini-series are prime examples of the timelessness and romance of her stories. And Julie does continuity / series stories fabulously! The characters that you meet in one book may just show up somewhere later on ~ it's wonderful being able to revisit old friends as you make new ones. If you've not read any of Julie Miller's books, you could do far worse than start with her latest series and the four Kincaid brother's stories:

RATING: Excellent to Outstanding

I *discovered* her after reading a review for one of her books and that was it. The review that captured my attention, unfortunately, was for which book I don't remember, but it was more than enough to get me started. At some point I found that most of the books were part of a series, or rather a series of mini-series. Most of Julie's Harlequin Intrigue books are related; sometimes more tenously than at others, but there is a thread of connection running through them. The thread started with the Taylor Clan, many of whom were members of the Kansas City Police Department.
From the Taylor Clan series, it became The Precinct which morphed to The Precinct: Vice Squad. The latest series is The Precinct: Brotherhood of the Badge.

To date I'm all caught up with Julie's books; I've got 'em all. She has 17 Harlequin Intrigues set in Kansas City, Missouri. The stories are all, in one way or another, related to the KCPD.

There are four other Intrigues that are part of assorted multi-author continuity series:

HI #642 ~ Secret Agent Heiress {Montana Confidential}
HI #666 ~ The Duke's Covert Mission {The Carradignes: A Royal Mystery}
HI #880 ~ Forbidden Captor {Big Sky Bounty Hunters}
HI #966 ~ Beast in the Tower {He's a Mystery}

Julie also have five books published under the Harlequin Blaze imprint as well as three related books released by Love Spell; these three are all paranormal stories.


  1. I'll keep these books in mind because they look interesting. If I can get Harlequin's books on DH's palm, or my iPhone when I get that. Otherwise, I really hate to read a dead tree book and will wait until a book is in ebook format if possible.

    I'm still disappointed that the PDF format Harlequin uses is DRM cause I want to read those books I did download and hate reading on my computer.

  2. Oh I know... and I've tried to get my Adobe Digital Editions working but it's just not gonna happen! It appears that there was an Adobe update requested by the system and that it completely screwed up my ability to use ADE...

    Of course this was after I downloaded two of the Nocturne Bites. *sheesh*

  3. Oh Hey!

    I just remembered that you can probably get the more recent harlequin titles from eFictionwise... or whatever the store's called.

    It might be worth a try?

  4. Kathy, I got DH to download mobipocket to his iPaq PDA and I was able to download a free eHarlequin book that I won. And it worked, so I can now download Harlequins. Whoohoo.