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Friday, December 14, 2012

Afflicted II by Brandon Shire - another winner!!

Review: After reading Brandon Shire's story, Afflicted, I was impatient for the follow-up book. And now that I've finished Afflicted II, in one sitting because I really didn't want to wait any longer, I have to say that it's a wonderful complement to its predecessor.

I love that the progress made by Hunter and Dillon in building a relationship continues. Not only is the sex hot and very satisfying, the emotional component has grown considerably—both men are opening up to the other; not always an easy thing in any relationship, but both Dillon and Hunter have spent years protecting themselves.

If I'm going to give a brief explanation of both books I'd have to say that book one deals more with Hunter, his past, and its collision with his growing feelings for Dillon. While in book two it's Dillon's past moving to the forefront... and a nasty past it is too. The anger I felt on his behalf was almost overwhelming; parents like his, especially his mother, really get my ire blazing. They put their religion—not God, but religion—ahead of their children. They spout words of faith, of belief in God, but it has nothing to do with that and everything to do with them: their standing, their feelings. As a parent I despise them, totally and utterly. And that's enough of that! Obviously a hot-button topic.

Which is kind of the point I guess; the author reminds us that a good-sized segment of society continues to be blind, ignorant, and hateful. Unfortunately, far too often it includes parents; the people who should love unreservedly and unconditionally. For them I hold nothing but disgust. Aaaand I digress once again...

But Dillon and Hunter's story also reminds us that there is always hope; that there are people, like Dillon's friend and mentor Shu-shu, who care and do something.
There are groups, like those to whom Mr Shire donates 10% of the proceeds from his books, who are a visible and active presence in the lives of the discarded children, whose greatest concern should be what to wear to school, not worry if they'll even be alive the next day.

Ultimately, Afflicted II is about hope, love, family and friends, survival, life. It's a reminder to those of us, who take for granted the lives we have, that we are the fortunate ones. Brandon Shire has written a story that entertains, wonderfully, but that also informs. And for me that makes it a big winner.

If you've not read these two books then I strongly urge you to check them out; I honestly don't think you will be disappointed—I certainly was not!

~ ~ 5 out of 5 stars ~ ~

10% of the proceeds from this book, and all Brandon Shire's titles, are donated to:
GLBTAYS [GLBT Advocacy and Youth Services] / Lost-n-Found Youth, Inc.
Story Description: Hunter and Dillon finally came to terms with the idea that they wanted more than just hot sex with each other. Dillon decided to quit hustling in order to invest his time and energy in building their relationship, and Hunter let his barriers down and opened his heart. But fear has a way of creeping up and dismantling things that we hold precious. Dillon’s family isn’t quite finished with him yet and Hunter is torn about whether he should step into the fray.

Their journey together comes to a thrilling conclusion.

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