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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scott Sherman—Third You Die

~ 5 out of 5 stars ~

With each book in Scott Sherman's Kevin Connor Mystery series [alas, trilogy?] I find myself falling more under Kevin's spell. He's the kind of person I'd love to know in real life: confident, smart—especially of the street and people variety, intuitive, self-aware and caring. That's one of Kevin's biggest assets—well, that and being so danged cute!
He cares about people. He's not, delightfully, saintly or a goody-goody. He's someone that I admire and respect, even when I feel like kicking his butt. Can anyone get in over his head quicker? And that has nothing to do with his 5'3" height either.
Kevin's the kind of guy that jumps in with both feet—the thinking comes after, or in the middle, of whatever crisis he ends up in. But he's not one to wait to be saved. That's where his street- and people- smarts come in... and he doesn't panic.

Then there's the motley cast of characters with whom Kevin shares the pages of these three books. They are each wonderful in their own right, and I've loved every opportunity to get to know each and every one.

And while I absolutely loved this book I can't help but feeling a little sad, a little lost: in Scott Sherman's words "I always planned on the Kevin Connor books as being a trilogy." He does go on to say that, even "...if they end with Third You Die, I think it's a satisfying send-off. However, weeks after sending off the manuscript, I thought, 'What if...?'" Well, that's a what if I'd love for him to explore!

All I can say is Hallelujah and here's hoping that Kevin, Tony, Freddy, Rafi and the other characters we've got to know over the course of these three books will make a speedy return. Because I had to wait long enough for Third You Die to make its way into my hands!


Story Description: Finally settling down with his hunky cop boyfriend, former callboy Kevin Connor is giving up the "oldest profession" for a new career: producing his mom's TV talk show, "Sophie's Voice." But when their latest guest--gay porn sensation Brent Havens--ends up floating in the East River after vowing to blow the lid off the adult film industry, Kevin returns to the world of high-stakes sex to find out: Who killed the twink who had everything?

Was it the X-rated director who exploited his star--for his own desires? The bartender boyfriend who hustled more than just cocktails? Or the eye-candy co-star who left the sweet actor for a sugar daddy?

Either way, Kevin is zooming in on one twisted plot with no shortage of drama queens. But is he ready for his close-up. . .with a killer?

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