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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The perfect response for a totally imperfect speech

I have to say that hearing about the North Carolina pastor advocating drastic measures to 'cleanse society of lesbians and queers' (the latter his words, the former my distillation of his hateful rant) got my blood boiling—and then I was utterly sickened at this supposed man of God, this 'Christian'. I find him and so many others of his ilk to be the furthest thing from being followers of Christ.

But enough about him; with this post I'm promoting a blog and a post that provides the PERFECT response to a most disgusting speech.
The blog is called
 The God Article: A God Centered Conspiracy
the post was uploaded May 22, 2012 and is titled
A Wickedly Beautiful Response to NC's Latest Gay Bashing Minister.

Because I'm in Canada I wasn't sure what to do (you have to read the post!), but there was a response from another Canadian with a most brilliant idea... and I'm not averse to stealing, or rather borrowing, brilliant ideas. Especially when there's a dual benefit—a most excellent organisation will receive a donation and I will be able to participate in responding to a horrible 'sermon'.

So my donation will be to the Pride Centre of Edmonton: 

Pride Centre of Edmonton
The Pride Centre of Edmonton offers a wide range of programming, including groups and programs held at the Centre as well as outreach programs such as public education and workshops for the broader community.


Further to the above, was a blog post by author Ally Blue that she called Logic has left the building... and wow, what a wonderfully apropos title! To see her fantastic response, go to the Fiction With Friction blog. Ally's post is here.

Ally Blue's website:

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