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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Buy a book and help an important cause

* * * A nod to Sloan Parker for the title. * * *

Just over a week-and-a-half ago I blogged about the case of Mr. Clay Greene and his partner of 20 years, Harold.  Upon an injury to Harold, these men were separated and placed into two separate nursing homes and, subsequently, had their lease cancelled and all their possessions sold by Sonoma County, CA. 

Author Sloan Parker, whom I admire greatly, posted on her blog today about a movement going on to help fund the fight for justice taken on by the NCLR.  I was amazed, impressed and eager to do all that I could... I also want to thank Sloan for the post... I likely would not have heard about this otherwise.

And all I can say to TeddyPig, the NCLR, J.M. Snyder and All Romance eBooks is wow!  You all stepped up and because of your ideas, efforts and generosity I feel that, even living in Canada, I can do something to help. 
It's not enough to merely decry the actions taken against Mr. Greene and his partner, it's extremely important to DO something.  Well, the NCLR, the group who is representing Mr. Greene, and the above mentioned people / companies are doing just that. 


  1. A brilliant, thoughtful idea.

  2. I'm really impressed with TeddyPig; he definitely went the extra distance and for J.M. and ARe to do what they did... excellent.

  3. Aw Kathy, you're such a sweetie. Thanks for the kind words and for posting about this. I love that you want to do something to help with this US case. And FYI - The ARe page has been updated with even more authors participating. Yay!!

  4. Hey Sloan! I've just come back from the ARe page... and wow! That's quite a lineup. And of course there are a number of books just calling my name. *grin*

    And I'm so glad to see that the case of Greene vs. Sonoma County is getting such attention. The more light shone on occurrences like this, the better things will, I dearly hope, become. We can only do what we can... but sometimes, all it takes is one person to start it.

    And your blog definitely lets us know where, and to whom, the thanks should go.