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Thursday, April 15, 2010

A.J. Ryan - Vampire's Lair: Miami Moon

The first book in Mr. Ryan's, to date, 2 book Vampire's Lair series is Miami Moon. I reviewed this for Dark Diva Reviews (review here) and enjoyed it so much that I wanted to find the second book, Cairo Catwalk. Well, I ended up buying the print versions because I could not find the ebooks anywhere; but I'm quite pleased to have the books in my hands.

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A.J. Ryan - Vampire's Lair: Miami Moon - Eternal Press - June 2009

Book Description:
In one night, with one bite, one young man will surrender to his destiny.

Some of us are gatherers. Some are hunters. Some are healers.

Jason Cain ran away to Miami not only to escape his past, but to escape his future as well. He left behind a pretty girlfriend, a college education, and a promising career in the shadow of his father, a prominent Chicago surgeon. He also left behind a haunting tragedy, something that stopped him from becoming the man he was destined to be. But all that is about to change. Under the Miami Moon, Jason Cain is about to be chosen to fulfill his destiny—to become a healer.

Drawn into a forbidden world, plucked from the streets of Miami and taken to a mansion filled with danger and debauchery in the middle of a Florida bayou, Jason is about to experience male love, lust and longing like he has never known before. Here, the Vampire Xavier—the muscular, dominant master of his own lair—will give Jason the redemption and healing that he so desperately craves.

The price—his mortality.

Review: This story wasn’t anything like I expected, but I was still struck by the power of it. For most of it, AJ Ryan’s Vampire’s Lair: Miami Moon is extremely erotic and, other than being quite titillating in a really good way, I can’t honestly say that I thought the story was going to go somewhere. But I was wrong!

Jason is a character about whom it is really easy to care. He’s a lost soul, and although he’s made changes in his life, you know that he’s not found any answers. And like so much in life, the answers that he gets are vastly different than he could ever have envisioned.

And yes, while this is listed as horror, it’s not one that’s terrifying. Extremely erotic with graphic language and sex, along with elements of danger and torture, Vampire’s Lair: Miami Moon is a dark story, but there is a promise of so much more just down the corridor... or is there? Mr. Ryan has captured my attention and piqued my curiosity; I definitely want to know more, a lot more.

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