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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Power Play by J.M. Snyder

Power Play is a long, long book ~ my pdf copy is 580 pages ~ and, while it sometimes seemed a little too detailed, it's classic J.M. Snyder in the depth of her characterisations.  Ryan and Dante are very much the core of this book and it's who they are singly and together and who they become that is key.  Both are young men, Ryan being 19 and Dante, 18.  Ryan seems to be quite representative of his age; although his dedication to hockey is stellar.  It's a real test of his character when he loses all by which he has measured himself.  As for Dante, I don't know if it's part of his basic character or what he's grown up with, but he definitely comes across as a much more mature person.  And though it may seem as though this is mainly Dante's story and how he makes a difference in Ryan's life, Ryan had a big impact on Dante as well.  I especially loved their openness with each other ~ this may not be *real*, but for a romance I liked it.

What really amazed me is that the time span of the main story is only little more than a week!  A lot happened to both Ryan and Dante in a seemingly short period; but with the amount of detail given my JM it's really not surprising. 

Even with the length and wealth of detail this was a fairly easy read.  Emotional? Oh heck yes! But ultimately a very satisfying read and by the end of the book I really felt as though I knew both Dante and Ryan; and I like them both very much.

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