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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Shifting Winds by Lex Valentine

'Kay I've been finding all these lovely new authors since I've been spending more time over at Ethan Day's, Carol Lynne's and Amanda Young's Yahoo groups.  Not so good for the chequing account but absolutely lovely for my reading pleasure.

I've actually read the first two books of Lex's Tales of the Darkworld ~ Shifting Winds and Hot Water ~ and loved them both... I'm just trying to fit in some of my other new-to-me authors as well before I get to the third ~ Fire Season

I'm totally loving the world that Lex has created and having dragons and vamps in the same story... too, too luscious!  The prologue is excellent, both as an introduction to Elysia and Declan as well as to the story to come.  The emotions it engenders are heartfelt and set the reader up for an alluring and sexy, yet heartwarming romance.  The sex is hot yet it's more than just aerobic activity... there's an emotional depth that's impossible to miss.  And there's just something about the black dragon that really gets me all steamed up.  *yum*
Book info

Lex Valentine; Tales of the Darkworld Book One ~ Shifting Winds; Pink Petal Books; March 2009

Book Description

Vampire Elysia Granville and her brothers own a cemetery in the Darkworld. When Elysia goes to the Undertaker’s Ball on Halloween in search of a one night stand, she finds more than she bargained for. Elysia isn’t looking for a mate or any kind of relationship. When she makes the mistake of choosing black dragon Declan Antaeus to relieve her sexual tension, she ends up finding fulfillment on more levels than she ever dreamed of.

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