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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Blog fever... it's everywhere!!

I've noticed a trend, especially for myself... it's called blog fever. Trend, obssession, addiction, fad?? Not exactly sure what you might call it, but I've really gotten into the posting of my inmost thoughts and desire to just, um.. spout off!
Anyway, this is my intro here and I know that once I get settled, I'll have a few more words to set down.. I've ALWAYS got a few more words, somewhere! LOL


  1. A good life, books and family. What more can one ask?

    Found via a like interest in Jayne Ann Krentz.

  2. Why aren't you blogging more? :)

    I'd love to read about your life, or are you too busy reading. LOL

    We can't keep using Rhianna's blog to talk to each other.

    I saw on your blog here that you are into anime, which is why I assumed that you actually said NE, and not something else.

    How nice that you and your son get some Japanese from your hobbies and likes.


  3. OMG... I can't believe that I've missed these posts... *smacks forehead*

    MB... Gomen nasai! And Uh... I'll pop in to visit you and let you know that, yes, at long last, I managed to reply. *sheesh*

  4. I think it's funny that I posted a comment almost a year after you posted this.

    You're very amusing Kathy and you have so many interesting stories. I'll keep checking in to see what's up. :-)

  5. Hey Leah,
    Yeah... that's me... funny to the end! LOL

    Thanks for being patient! *grin*